DIY Herb Planters from Let's Get Together -- love these!

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by recycling your tin cans and rerouting them to your windowsills, countertops, and porches as herb planters. I think these would also be fun Mother’s Day or teacher gifts.  Who doesn’t love making your home a little greener! (And the basil smells heavenly.)

Items needed:
Tin cans (varying sizes looks good)
Cardstock, wrapping paper or burlap (these were all scraps in my house)
Herb plants (basil, cilantro, oregano – whatever you like to cook with)
Popsicle sticks (my family helped me out by eating some Creamies)
White paint
Decoupage matte adhesive
Small screwdriver or nail
Permanent marker
Potting soil

How to make the herb planters:
– Wash and dry the cans and take off any labels. Flip the can over and make 5 small holes in the bottom using the screwdriver and hammer.  This will allow the water to drain.
– Measure the tin can and cut the cardstock, wrapping paper, or burlap to fit it.
– Dip the paintbrush into the decoupage and coat sections of the tin can, applying the paper or burlap as you work around.  After that dries apply another thin coat or two to the paper to seal it. (But not the burlap!)
– When everything is dry fill the tin can halfway with potting soil then plant your herb. Make sure the plant base is no more than 1 inch below the top.
– Paint the Popsicle sticks or just dunk the top in paint. Once the paint dries, use a permanent marker to label your plants.  Now put them in a sunny spot and you are good to grow!!


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