Growing Grapes - If you follow some simple rules then there is no reason why you can't have success at growing grapes.

1) Sunshine. There is no doubt that the biggest mistake you can make is to plant your grapes where they won't get plenty of sunshine.

2) Space. Depending on the variety you can very easily restrict your grape vine's ability to flourish by not providing it enough space to grow. Even the less vigorous varieties need 4 feet between each plant. The more vigorous ones need up to 8 feet.

3) Varieties. Choose your grape wisely. There are lots of different types of grape plant that are suited to different environments. Make sure you choose a variety that will respond well in the area where you live's climate.

4) Purpose. As well as the reasons above to choose a different variety of grape, your choice may be affected by the reason for which you wish to grow your grapes. Do you want them simply for eating? You may want to choose a variety that has sweeter tasting fruits. If your intention is to make your own wine then there are varieties better suited to this purpose as well.

5) Natural Growth. You need to be aware of the growing habits of the variety of grape you intend to plant as this will determine the trellis type you use and how you train and prune your vines. The grape grower should attempt to mimic as closely as possible what the plant would do in the wild. Varieties that have a predominant American ancestry will tend to droop during the growing season.

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